ThinkSmart Bar




  • Part No.: 11RTZ9AXUK
  • Description: As organizations consider new ways to connect in-office and remote workers, innovative and intuitive collaboration tools and accessories will become critical to their success. When paired with a compute, such as ThinkSmart Hub or ThinkSmart Edition Tiny, or when used alone as a standard plug-and-play device, the new ThinkSmart Bar transforms your meeting into an immersive, productive space where people feel as if they are all in the same room. As an enterprise-grade sound bar purpose-built with meeting room-based video conferencing in mind, ThinkSmart Bar is certified for Microsoft Teams Rooms and compatible with Zoom Rooms. With its outstanding audio quality, exceptional scalability, and plug-and-play manageability, ThinkSmart Bar easily and efficiently connects today’s workforces in the office and beyond.