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Connect to the World with Zoom

Dynamic, intuitive platform

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Enhance Your Business Communication with Interactivo and Zoom

Interactivo can help your business implement Zoom’s frictionless communications platform. As an intuitive, scalable, and secure solution, Zoom is ideal for large enterprises, small businesses, and individuals. Enhance your business communication with Interactivo and Zoom.

An AI-powered platform that makes you more productive, collaborative, effective

Zoom AI Companion empowers you to increase productivity, improve team effectiveness and enhance your skills. Included at no additional cost with the paid services in your Zoom user account.

Unified communication and collaboration platform

Make meaningful connections with meetings, team chat, whiteboard, phone, and more in one offering.

Video-first Communications Solution

Zoom Meeting & Chat

Transform your meetings with high-definition video and crystal-clear audio, accommodating up to 1,000 participants. Our integrated chat solution streamlines workflows, fostering secure collaboration both internally and externally.

Zoom Phone

Enhance your voice communications with Zoom’s robust global cloud phone solution featuring secure call routing, call queues, SMS capabilities, and the ability to seamlessly transition calls into meetings. Discover more essential features for your business communications.

Zoom Rooms & Workspaces

Optimize your conference rooms to meet evolving workforce demands, ensuring seamless integration of office and remote experiences. Benefit from HD video and audio, wireless content sharing, and interactive whiteboarding solutions tailored to enhance collaboration.

Zoom Video Webinars

Deliver engaging presentations to global online audiences from any device, with the capability to scale up to 50,000 attendees and accommodate 100 interactive video panelists.

Zoom Events

Meet all your virtual event requirements with attendee-favorite features, including event hubs, customizable registration and ticketing options, attendee networking tools, and more.

Zoom Developer Platform APIs & SDKs

Utilize Zoom’s APIs, SDKs, webhooks, and additional tools to develop robust applications, custom integrations, and enhanced functionalities that elevate your collaboration experiences.