Our cloud suite offers a fully integrated workplace management solution that takes the hassle out of meeting room booking, provides easy and efficient desk booking and an AI-powered visitor management system for a great first impression. Simply choose the functionality needed for your organizations, easily scale up or down as needs change and as a hosted solution setup and management is easier than ever.

LISO Room Booking

Liso room manager A self hosted room manager that brings all the features you need in a room booking device. Place it outside any meeting, conference or huddle room.

NASO Room Booking

Naso room manager A cloud based room manager that covers everything from basic booking to an extensive range of functions. Place it outside any meeting room, conference or huddle room.

KLEEO Desk Booking

Kleeo desk manager is a complete and smart desk booking device with a personal touch. Its job is to signal to everyone which workspace is available, checked-in, or waiting for you.