Our Partners

Professional Display.

Samsung’s series features intelligent upscaling technology to ensure all content displayed is in eye catching UHD resolution. its powerful crystal display and boundless design provide an enthralling viewing.

experience in any business environment.

Educational Interactive Screens.

Connect Screen wants to improve teaching, advance educational practices and develop interactivity in corporate communication.

Our Vision the development and exclusive distribution of interactive technological solutions for the educational and business sectors. Connect Screen relies on a network of resellers and export distributors for the equipment of classrooms, training rooms and meeting rooms all over the world.

Interactive Display.

AVOCOR’S any platform video conference rooms for touch solutions are here Avocor and Logitech have joined forces to bring you superior Zoom, Webex, Teams, Skype..etc.

Rooms for Touch solutions that offer uncompromised, are easy-to-use and are the ideal way to enable Video Conference Rooms in meeting spaces.

Voice alarm and public address.

TOA corporation is a specialist manufacture of sound equipment for commercial and professional use as well as video equipment such as security cameras. since its founding in 1934, TOA has frown to include bases both in japan and overseas. the company currently supplies products to more than 120 countries around the world.


Browse room solutions. Easy to use high quality conferencing solutions for all room sizes and compatibility with many software platforms.

The modern workplace is all about collaboration. Logitech advanced video conferencing solutions let your teams talk, share files and screens, and whiteboard ideas. Make your meetings seamless, productive, and fun.


Neat Company is a leading provider of innovative video conferencing solutions that integrate seamlessly with platforms like Microsoft Teams. Their products are known for their advanced audio and video capabilities, enhancing remote collaboration in modern workplaces.


Smart Collaboration Devices For Meeting Rooms

Take back your meetings. Combining innovative technology with personalized services, our ThinkSmart solutions will redefine your meeting space. Make collaboration more productive and more enjoyable with smart devices that enable greater efficiency and offer options to meet your needs. Flexible across platforms and room sizes, ThinkSmart devices are also enabled with ThinkShield, Lenovo’s industry-leading suite of security solutions, to keep your data safe and your privacy intact.

Booking System.

Take flexible working to the next level with our desk booking software.

Check the occupation status of workplaces and book your desk within seconds. Use the smart app or online portal to make a booking in the desk booking system. Anytime, anywhere, anyplace. Check in / out at your desk and pre-set your personal preferences.

Booking System.

Evoko Liso has a new, slim design. it’s easy to install and a true delight to look at outside every meeting room. there are no extra plug-ins or additional software to learn. so easy and self-explanatory that anyone can master it without any prior training. all features can be reached with only a few simple touches. so smooth, helpful and bright. your next meeting is just a fingertip away.

IPTV & Digital Signage - Booking System.

Scalable & Secure Professional Enterprise Video, IPTV & Digital Signage and Booking Solutions for Technology Integrators & Business Installations.

Wireless Collaboration.

Seamlessly add remote participants to your meeting with one-step bridging to any video Conference.

Solstice Conference seamlessly integrates solstice’s intuitive, high-performance wireless content sharing with any video conferencing service to deliver a unified collaboration experience for both local and remote participants.

AV Control System.

QSC is an American manufacturer of audio products including power amplifiers, loudspeakers, digital mixers and digital signal processors including the Q-Sys networked audio, video and control platform. QSC products are used by professional installed, portable, production, corporate and cinema customers worldwide.

Unified Communication

Ribbon Communications (Nasdaq: RBBN) delivers communications software, IP and optical networking solutions to service providers, enterprises and critical infrastructure sectors globally. We engage deeply with our customers, helping them modernize their networks for improved competitive positioning and business outcomes in today’s smart, always-on and data-hungry world. Our innovative, end-to-end solutions portfolio delivers unparalleled scale, performance, and agility, including core to edge software-centric solutions, cloud-native offers, leading-edge security and analytics tools.

Recording coverage of all Teams-based communications

Your valuable communications in Teams are safely stored with our “plug ‘n’ play” recording application. You just need to set your preferences: total or selective recording, and our recorder works behind the scenes compressing and archiving files.

One solution for all your compliance recordings.

you can easily retrieve the Teams recordings you need, or the recordings from turrets, mobile phones, and PBXs (desk phones), whenever you need them.

Microsoft Teams Phone

Get the virtual calling features you need to stay productive, manage calls, and connect reliably.

Whether you’re on a call with a group and want to bring someone else in or you have an incoming call, merge calls together to talk to everyone at once.

Transfer calls, including those from your laptop or phone, without interruption in call service or quality with endpoint transfer.

Zoom AV Conference System.

“We like that anybody on the go can use it. we are every where, so it’s very important to have the most easy way to go and start meetings.”

“we work better together now because we’re using Zoom”