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We believe that interactive teaching is the means of engaging instructors/teachers and students in a better form of learning through collaboration and interactivity amongst each other. Our main concern is making any teaching environment a more efficient & effective place, answering needs of instructors, teachers and students.


Our Interactive White Board Solution is a highly efficient interactive teaching tool; Operated by pen or finger, only your creativity is the limit of what you can teach. Sleek, durable and easy to use, the advantages found in any interactive teaching methodology are endless. With our interactive software full of features and teaching content makes our IWB the future of teaching innovation.


  • Software that can fit any subject, or within any collaboration session.

  • Quick to learn operation without any expensive training sessions, user friendly.

  • Built-in teacher tools to make lesson planning easier such as, Math tools, Science & Physics.


Our state of the art Education Solution includes as well a variety of LED Touch Displays, Projectors, Visualizers, and Clickers…etc.  That meets the most demanding inquiries.


High resolution Document Camera is a real-time image capture device for displaying an object to a large audience.   Interactive LED four Touch Display is the latest interactive whiteboard system that gives a total and complete full fledge Solution that has it all in one device.


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